Contemporary fine cultured pearl jewellery is getting more and more popular these days in the fashion world and you can hardly go wrong with it. It is due to the fine appearance and stylish look of cultured pearls that these are widely used for making fashionable pearl jewellery. Cultured pearl jewellery has evolved greatly over the time, they are no longer limited to the standard pearl studs or strings.

Cultured pearls make for great fashionalbe accessories and can add style and elegance to any attire. They are ideal to be worn for formal dinners and add a certain charm to the wearer's personality. Pearls are available in fashionable and unique arrangements and combinations. Going for fine and fashionable jewllery made out of cultured pearls you are surely to stand out among the rest at any occasion.

There is a wide variety of cultured pearls available but obviously the standard round white pearl remains the ultimate classic. Cultued pearls are available in a wide array of shapes, they may be irregularly shaped or even star shaped. The standard round white pearl is beautiful on its own and the elegance of the classic pearl studs or a simple string of pearl necklace is unmatched by any other item of jewellery. The fascinating irregularly shaped cultured pearl are usually present in creative jewellery designs, each design is more innovative than the last one. There is no longer the misconception that cultured pearls are only present in the colour white. Cultured pearls are available in a wide array of stunning colours, ranging from the gorgeous gothic black pearl to the classy grey. Cultued Tahitian pearls have lovely peacock green hues, giving off a classy as well as a contemporary look. Fresh wter pearls and Akoya pearls have dreamy white hues as well as champagne, ivory, cream, pink and peach hues. South sea pearls have that stunning golden shade which can take your breath away.

Many of Lustrous pearl jewellery designs incoporate cultued pearls with diamonds, (semi) precious stones and other beautiful accessories such as a diamond heart clasp. There is no limit to the form that a pearl jewellery piece can be. Whether a single pearl pendant or a contemporary three pearls ring is a beautiful gift that will surely be adored by whoever receives it.

Cultrued pearls can also be fashioned into the form of earrings, brooches and rings. Lustrous pearl earrings range from classic Akoya white pearl studs to contemporary tassel pearl drop earrings. Our pearl rings range from an investment piece such as South Sea pearl rings set in 14 karat gold to a fashionable freshwater pearl with diamante ring. As long as the variety of pearls is presented, the designs that can be made are endless!

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