Rainbow pearls are Lustrous's signature pearls, as its name suggests, they are the most beautiful pearls comes in a rainbow of vivid fashionable natural shades including snow white, creamy white, shell pink, fuchsia pink, pastel peach, butterfly yellow, rich gold, metallic coppers and violet purple and more. 

Together with their trendy statement colours, the rainbow pearls have the most amazing metallic lustres and unique orients, to bring glow to the wearer's face. 

The Rainbow pearls are generally sizing from 10mm to 13mm, up to16mm in diameters, due to the fact these gems are nucleated with only one pearl in each mussel, allowing for their eye-catching size to grow.


Lustrous signature rose pearl, on rose gold extension chain, simply beautiful! 
A single pink baroque pearl pendant, on rose gold extension chain. A perfect way to add some rosy hue to your everyday fashion! You can also add your favourite rose gold charm to the pendant.  
A shimmering violet Keshi pearl sparkled with a shinning zirconia, hanging from a gold chain with approx. length 44cm. This beautiful pendant is minimalist and fashion-forward, can be worn everyday and at occasions. 
$81.06 $48.63
Minimal contemporary pearl bracelet for everyday wear, elastic leatherette band.