Just like us, pearls are not in one uniformed shape - they can in fact be in so many shapes naturally, which is what makes this gem so interesting and unique. Baroque pearls are irregular pearls that can be found in many interesting shapes, such as ‘peanuts’, ‘snowman’, sometimes even in ‘animal’ shapes! Baroque pearls make modern pearl jewellery so much fun to wear!


This fabulous four-strand baroque pearl necklace consists of all the beautiful high-fashion colours - light yellow, lilac, violet and plum , finished by an adjustable 18K gold plated sterling silver clasp. Length 18"-20" (46-51cm)
Featuring a beautiful large irregular cultured pearl and a round sparkly Swarovski Crystal,  these drop earrings add bling to any outfit. Hang 4cm
Lustrous white irregular pearl pendant on sterling silver chain, length 46cm.
Unusual white long Keishi pearls complimented by multicolour agate balls (approx. 12mm), interspersed with cluster of faceted crystals, sterling silver clasp, 46cm long  
Large irregular white pearl pendant (approx. 18mm) hanging from a white beautiful pearl necklace (pearls diameter approx. 4mm),, sterling silver clasp. Length 45cm with extension 5cm
Beautiful multicolour baroque pearl necklace, length 42cm with 5cm extension.