Lustrous Jewellery is a UK direct-to-consumer contemporary demi-fine pearl jewellery brand, we proudly design and make our fashion-forward pearl jewellery for our customers in house. 

We only use genuine cultured pearls in all of our fashion forward pearl jewellery, in either sterling silver (fashion jewellery range) or karat gold (fine jewellery range), sometimes complimented by other semi-precious stones and diamonds.

We are mad pearl lovers as they are so versatile that can be worn at all occasions, truly carrying you from dawn to dust. Their gentle glimmer is impossible to be missed. They are a long way away from just accessorising a tea dress, they go perfectly with a tee or even sportswear nowadays. 

We endeavour to create and offer everyday luxury pearl jewellery at the best possible prices by choosing our pearls directly from pearl farms and source all other material from its original ethical suppliers. We cut out all the middleman to ensure our pearl jewellery can be best priced for our customers. 

We at Lustrous Jewellery love to marry pearls and fashion in the best possible ways, making our pearl jewellery accessible not only in their amazing values but also in their latest modern and versatile designs.