Coloured Pearl Necklaces - Buyer's Guide

Pearl jewellery has long been extremely popular, and this is a trend that doesn't reveal any signs of fading. From Audrey Hepburn to Sarah Jessica Parker, it's a style that has been adopted by all. If you're thinking about buying amazing coloured pearl necklaces, read below to find out what you need to consider.

The main thing you have to determine is what kind of pearls to purchase - natural, cultured or imitation. If you're able to comfortably afford to spend your money on real pearls, then by all means do. Nevertheless, cultured pearls are usually the most effective choice to go for, as they're more affordable yet they've undergone a meticulous process of creation that is carried out by special pearl farmers. We do not suggest buying imitation pearls, as they tend to be made from cheap plastic. In addition to this, the design of the necklace is essential. You've got everything from chokers and collars to princess and drop pearl necklaces to choose from. Your decision mainly depends upon your individual taste, but if you're purchasing the necklace for an event or special occasion, you need to take into account the neckline of what you're thinking about wearing the pearl jewellery with. It's wise to go for a necklace that falls at least half an inch above or below the neckline. If you're purchasing the necklace for someone special, or you want to buy something you can wear again and again, you should think about purchasing a classic design.

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