Pearl Jewellery: Finding The Right Kind For You

Pearl jewellery is timeless. While many other trends come and go, pearls are here to stay. Along with diamond jewellery, it is one of the very rare styles that will never go out of fashion. But, what is it about the pearl that makes it so desirable and oh so special? There are many, many reasons. In this post, we are going to talk a bit more about the precious pearl, and provide some advice on where to purchase stunning pearl jewellery from.

Pearl Necklaces, Earrings, Rings… But What Is A Pearl?

While we know how the likes of pearl jewellery – such as pearl necklaces, pearl rings and pearl bracelets – come to be put together, what about the gem in the middle of it all? Where does the pearl come from? Well, the pearl, derived from the French word ‘perle’, is produced within the tissue of a living shelled mollusc, such as an oyster. The mollusc catches a foreign object, such as a mote of sand, in its body. It then becomes defensive and cleverly releases a substance called ‘nacre’ around this intruding object to protect itself from any foreign infection. Eventually, these layers become concentrated and build up to create a small, circular object made up of calcium carbonate in crystalline form – the pearl. It is often thought that the pearl should be smooth and round, but it can also come in many interesting and attractive shapes, such as baroque pearls. They are almost always iridescent in appearance, which is not possible to emulate with imitation pearls. Pearls have been highly valued for centuries upon centuries in every society. They have even been referenced to for their value in ancient religious texts such as Hindu, Hebrew, Christian, and Islamic scriptures.

So What Makes The Likes Of Pearl Earrings So Lusted After?

While all gems have a history and a story behind their creation, the process by which the pearl is created makes it the most unique of all the gems. It’s one of the reasons why pearl earrings aren’t going to go out of fashion any time soon. Firstly, the pearl is, in itself, a ‘living’ organism. It has its own tiny pores that, over time, will gradually pick up oil from your skin. By absorbing this oil, it gives the pearl an extra gleam that is unique only to you. This makes it extremely personal and explains why pearls have become such treasured family possessions, being passed down through the generations. This is what gives the pearl its glamorous yet mysterious beauty that has been such a constant fixture throughout history. The Romans adored them and Kings and Queens throughout the centuries have been known to wear them with little disregard. Indeed, Queen Mary, the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II, was said to have been so draped in pearls that it was nearly impossible to make out the colour of her ankle-length dresses! And, even today, Queen Elizabeth is seldom seen without a strand of pearls around her neck.

The Fascination Of Pearl Jewellery UK Wide Continues Today

It can be easy to think that pearls should only be associated with the accentuated lady of high class, but pearl jewellery UK wide today is completely cross-generational. While you will see powerful women such as the Queen and Michelle Obama adorning themselves with pearl jewellery; you will often see the likes of Rihanna, Rita Ora, Jessie J, and Mariah Carey beautify themselves with the likes of drop pearl earrings, pearl earrings stud and pearl pendants. In fact, in keeping with the royal line, the ever-fashionable Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was recently seen during a tour of Australasia sporting a stunning pair of very simple pearl drop earrings. This sudden move back into the forefront of fashion has surprised little who are aware of the pearl’s deep and rich association with power and beauty. The pearl became the number one fashion accessory during the mid-20th century – most famously demonstrated by Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast with Tiffany’s. And its versatility was further demonstrated when Marilyn Monroe was famously pictured with pearl necklaces in provocative poses, while Elizabeth Taylor often sported a beautiful pearl pendant. Whether going for the ‘respectable’ or the ‘smouldering’ look, the pearl has a place in every style.

Where To Find Pearl Necklace UK Wide

When looking for the likes of a pearl necklace UK wide, you’ll find a lot of options to choose from. However, be warned – you’ll want to make sure you are buying real pearls. Many false or fake pearls are around. They’re often made of glass, plastics, ceramics and other lower-grade materials. The real deal generally comes in two forms: natural and cultured. Both are for all intents and purposes ‘natural’ and, therefore, genuine, but cultured pearls are brought about by human intervention and natural pearls are naturally occurring. Due to worldwide industrialisation, your chances of finding a natural pearl in the wild is non-existent. In terms of shops in the UK, you’ll find them going for thousands of pounds at auction houses. In 2014, Bonhams – a well-known jewellery seller – sold a solitaire pearl ring for £30,000, a pair of diamond and pearl earrings for £290,000, and a long string of graduated pearls for £87,600. For us mere mortals, there’s little chance of being able to afford this. Thankfully, we still have beautiful cultured pearls. Despite the price difference between the two, cultured pearls are just as pretty and eye-catching. At Lustrous Jewellery, we sell only the finest jewellery featuring cultured pearls that have been made to suit the modern world of fashion.

Buy All Your Pearl Jewellery At Lustrous Jewellery

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