Pearl Wedding Earrings UK - The Custom Of Wearing Pearls On Your Big Day

You don’t need us to tell you that planning a wedding is a lot of effort. But, it is possible to have lots of fun when deciding on the jewellery you are going to wear for the big day. In this post, we are going to disclose more about pearl wedding earrings UK based, as well as other types of pearl jewellery, that have become a custom for weddings.

The pearl is a symbolisation of unblemished perfection, and this has been the case ever since ancient times, which is why it's an ideal adornment for any wedding day. It's the earliest known stone, and pearl jewellery is often given as a wedding gift because it signifies innocence and purity. A Hindu book that goes back to 1000 B.C. discloses that on his daughter's wedding day, Krishna retrieved pearls from the depths of the sea as a present for the lovely bride. Early Greeks also considered pearls to be the 'wedding gem', as they believed pearls prevented newlywed brides from weeping and ensured a happy married life. Wearing pearl earrings or any other form of jewellery adorned with pearls continues to be popular on wedding days. It's a tradition our queen, Queen Elizabeth II, carried on. Nowadays, in lots of instances, the father of the bride or the groom will present the bride with beautiful pearl jewellery on her wedding day. In general, when you look at the classic and refined look of pearls, coupled with their enchanting history, it isn't difficult to understand why they are fitting for brides.

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