Baroque pearls are not really a type of pearl, the term 'baroque' actually refers to a pearl's shape. Baroque pearls are irregular pearls that can be found in many interesting shapes, such as ‘peanuts’, ‘snowman’, 'animal', 'bird', 'flower' and even 'fish' shapes! Baroque pearls are truly unique thanks to them being formed asymmetrically, which makes it impossible to find identical pairs. Due to the unconventional shape, each baroque pearl boasts its own “character,” and their beauty is as striking as that of the Tahitian and Keshi pearls. Baroque pearls of different colours and shapes are striking on their own; this is why they look equally alluring in both a simple design and as a part of a complex composition. Also, Baroque pearls have a distinctive appeal because of their very beautiful tints of color and iridescent flashes, which are the result of “pools” of nacre -where the baroque shape creates an area in which the nacre can collect, and is deeper than along other parts of the pearl.


Beautiful natural multicoloured Keshi pearl necklace.     
Beautifully hand-wrapped peacock baroque pearl stud earrings in gold filled wires. Dimension including the wires: 18-19mm Due to the nature of the pearl, the shade of the pearl might vary slightly.
Tapping into the baroque and hoop trend with these 18ct. rose gold earrings. Pearls drops can be taken off to wear just as hoop earrings. Baroque pearl diameter: 12-13mm, hoop diameter: 30mm
Add some beautiful colour to your outfit with this unusual shaped freshwater pearl necklace. 
Beautiful multi-colour baroque pearl necklace, length 42cm with 5cm extension.             
A silver coloured baroque pearl hanging from sterling silver music note, to add to your daily tune!  Earring drop approx. 3.6cm