Pink Fireball Baroque Pearl Necklace


Unusual fireball pink baroque pearl, they are so eye-catching and unique! 


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When the pearl farmers simply tuck the “nuclei” directly under its shell, in the much less intrusive and simpler to access mantle of the mollusk, rather than actually inserting the bead surgically into the body of the “host mussel", it produce a Baroque shaped pearl that has a very distinctive and fascinating protuberance that looks like the “tail of a comet” or in other cases, “extended wings” or as is often the case and thus the name … “the flaming tail of a fireball” flashing across the night sky.
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Pearl Type:
Freshwater Baroque
Pearl Size:
diameter approx. 20mm, length 30-40mm
Pearl Colour:
Natural Pink
Pearl Luster:
Pearl Surface:
Very Good with Natural Marking
Sterling Silver
Approx. 42cm (16.5")